Create and Connect Amazon EC2 Instance



Step 1 − Sign-in to AWS account and open IAM console by using the following link

Step 2 − In the navigation Panel, create/view groups and follow the instructions.

Step 3 − Create IAM user. Choose users in the navigation pane. Then create new users and add users to the groups.

Step 4 − Create a Virtual Private Cloud using the following instructions.

·        Open the Amazon VPC console by using the following link −

·        Select VPC from the navigation panel. Then select the same region in which we have created key-pair.

·        Select start VPC wizard on VPC dashboard.

·        Select VPC configuration page and make sure that VPC with single subnet is selected. The choose Select.

·     VPC with a single public subnet page will open. Enter the VPC name in the name field and leave other configurations as default.

·      Select create VPC, then select Ok.

Step 5 − Create WebServerSG security groups and add rules using the following instructions.

·        On the VPC console, select Security groups in the navigation panel.

·       Select create security group and fill the required details like group name, name tag, etc.

·       Select your VPC ID from the menu. Then select yes, create button.

·      Now a group is created. Select the edit option in the inbound rules tab to create rules.

Step 6 − Launch EC2 instance into VPC using the following instructions.

·        Open EC2 console by using the following link −

·        Select launch instance option in the dashboard.

·     A new page will open. Choose Instance Type and provide the configuration. Then select Next: Configure Instance Details.

·        A new page will open. Select VPC from the network list. Select subnet from the subnet list and leave the other settings as default.

·      Click Next until the Tag Instances page appears.

Step 7 − On the Tag Instances page, provide a tag with a name to the instances. Select Next: Configure Security Group.

Step 8 − On the Configure Security Group page, choose the Select an existing security group option. Select the WebServerSG group that we created previously, and then choose Review and Launch.

Step 9 − Check Instance details on Review Instance Launch page then click the Launch button.

Step 10 − A pop up dialog box will open. Select an existing key pair or create a new key pair. Then select the acknowledgement check box and click the Launch Instances button.

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